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Geling Yan
​   严歌苓

Award Winning Author

New Release 新书

Milati 米拉蒂

二十岁的米拉蒂从部队文工团转业,从一个被动的表演艺术舞者,转为一个独立思考创作的年轻作家。那是八十年代初,人们的观念和行为模式似乎一夜间发生了颠覆性的改变:爱情、性、自由、民主……  一切不可能的变成了可能,并且可能性似乎向无限延展。故事围绕米拉蒂的个人经历,见证了中国两代艺术家、作家、知识分子在八十年代的觉醒和幻灭。

At the age of twenty, Milati changes careers from a passive performing arts dancer to a young writer who thinks and creates independently. It is the early eighties in China, when people's perceptions and patterns of behavior seemed to change overnight in a subversive way: love, sex, freedom, democracy ...... everything impossible became possible, and the possibilities seemed endless. The story revolves around Milati’s and her father’s personal experience and bears witness to the awakening and disillusionment of two generations of Chinese artists, writers, and intellectuals in the 1980s.


Now available in hard copy and e-book formats!




Praise & Reviews

Each of Yan Geling’s novels is a poignant epic of humanity. Her deep feeling for the changes in contemporary China, her tremendous creative energy, her subtle yet magnificent literary strokes, present us with a unique literary phenomenon. If you read Yan Geling, you will understand contemporary China.

Yang Lian





YGL publicity photo blue and white striped dress_edited.jpg

About Geling Yan





Geling is one of the most acclaimed novelists and screenwriters in the Chinese language and a well-established writer in English. Born in Shanghai, she served with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) during the Cultural Revolution, starting at age twelve as a dancer in an entertainment troupe.

After more than a decade with the PLA, she published her first novel in 1986 and has been writing constantly ever since. Her best-known novels in English are The Secret Talker, Little Aunt Crane, The Flowers of War, The Banquet Bug, The Lost Daughter of Happiness, and White Snake and Other Stories.


Many of Ms. Yan's works have been adapted for film and television, directed or produced by famous directors such as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang, Ang Lee, Li Shaohong and Joan Chen.  She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Ms. Yan holds an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College, Chicago. She has published over 40 books and has won over 30 literary and film awards.  Her works have been translated into twenty-one languages.

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