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New Song Media GmbH 

New Song Media GmbH

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New Song Media GmbH (新歌传媒有限公司) 是一家设在柏林的出版社和电影制作公司。其目标是出具有文学和艺术价值的作品,特别是在中国受到压制和封杀的创作者的作品。 


New Song Media GmbH is a Berlin-based publishing and film production company dedicated to publishing works and producing films of literary and artistic merit by writers and filmmakers who have been banned or suppressed in China.  


New Song Media GmbH

Heerstraße 72

14055 Berlin-Westend



Lawrence A. Walker

Handelsregister HRB 251711 B

Umsatzsteuernummer DE360759370

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